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Current Projects


This series is a culmination of several experimental paintings blending fantastical ships and bold landscapes. The clouds and the clusters of hot air balloons are the focus of the series, giving a sense of whimsy and lightness to every piece. Each airship begins from a theme or concept--for example, in "Filigree of the Valkyrie", the theme of the airships is a pastel tea party. The main purpose of this project is to inject a sense of joy into the world; to give each viewer a landscape of clouds that made them want to breathe mountains and feel flight. The use of old wooden ships as the base for many of the airships brings the sentiments of freedom, the spray of the sea, the lore of the lone sailor over the horizon. Hot air balloons open up your heart to the gentle breezes, to sweeping landscapes, and act like colorful bubbles floating over the clouds. I paint these airships to give the viewer a diverting and luminous experience in the face of our current atmosphere of darkness. I hope the viewer feels bubbly when they imagine floating over some crimson clouds, and consumes a bit of wanderlust along with it. 

Fairy Pools

The Fairy Pools project is a series of acrobatic beauties suspended over pools of water. The color palette for each figure is drawn from Payne’s Grey, Hooker’s Green, and Alizarin Crimson, with hints of iridescence. Each figure will have some tattoos of weapons and botanical flowers, symbolizing the flexibility and strength in feminine prowess. The pools themselves recall the Fair Folk legends of Scotland, Ireland, and Britain—figures of extreme beauty that drove men to madness. They lived under fairy mounds, around the Isle of Skye pools in Scotland, or in rings of mushrooms in the forest. The acrobats in my series mean to enchant the world with their talent. In my time of healing, these women will be a model of vitality.



Madisen Amelia Lewis is a queer artist driven by passion and her empathetic nature. She graduated with a double B.A. in Art & Psychology at UC Santa Cruz in 2015. She lives in Seattle, WA with her cat, surrounded by piles of books and art supplies. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Teaching. 

Her work, in general, falls within the new contemporary art movement of lowbrow pop-surrealism. Her surrealist landscape paintings are influenced by wanderlust and a lifelong obsession with fantasy worlds. She is inspired by putting herself in natural parks, florals, cloudscapes, and the freedom of flight. Her abstract paintings draw from the anxieties of life, her attraction to the abyss, and a meditative state during painting.

She is currently an emerging artist, and has shown in local venues and festivals while perfecting her craft. Her work is in a state of transformative exploration. 

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