Anxiety Driven

Completed in my final quarter of UCSC, 2015.

These small ink paintings are visual manifestations of my anxiety and emotion to my sibling’s transition to the opposite gender. Homunculus describes the empathetic feeling of isolation in the uncomfortable feeling of not fitting in your own skin. Marilyn Manson describes the state of turmoil and lack of legislative representation for transgender individuals. Nail-Biter shows my anxiety and frustration for my sibling—worrying over their safety, and overall mental health. Roxas depicts the hope that the transition will be everything that my sibling wishes it to be; that it fulfills the hole in their heart through as little suffering as possible. T.B. Swirls depicts the conflict with my father, and how he is unable thus far to accept the turn of events. The Sun & The Mast gives the feeling of the journey to come, and the new horizon. The Tower shows the overarching fear of violence that people in the LGBT+ community feel for their overall safety and for their ability to be their true selves. 

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