An Artist and Her Solicitudes: Abstract Acrylic Paintings

In progress, but date of completion not yet set.

This project depicts the encumbrances of becoming an artist, learning the ropes of business and promotion, and the challenges in my life that have led me to create art in the first place. This series is done on objects I have found in random thrift stores or places. It continues my trend in abstract art that tries to encapsulate emotional experience in visual form. Though each piece contains a small blurb about its meaning, there are also more complete descriptions on my blog, which is linked when you click on the images.

Solicitude (via

1a :  the state of being concerned and anxious

b :  attentive care and protectiveness; also :  an attitude of earnest concern or attention<expressed solicitude for his health>

2:  a cause of care or concern —usually used in plural

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