About the Artist& Current Projects

Airship Adoration

My current series of airships is underway: these ones focus less on the environments where a fantasy structure may appear and more on the fantastical elements of the contraptions themselves. I am striving to achieve more minimalist atmospheric compositions surrounding the ethereal flying ships. Each painting will hold the symbolism of journeys by incorporating roads, and my airships will gleefully ignore them. Recent updates on the progress of these acrylic paintings can be found on my Instagram.

Resilience Project

I am simultaneously embarking on a new project in the realm of figurative painting. This project will feature portraits of people that embody resilience in the face of psychological trauma. This exploration will entail physical manifestations of psychological scarring. Each figure will be a portrait of the model them self--the scarring on their bodies will appear where they believe it would show, if their outside matched their inside. After painting one version of the paintings scarred, I will cover over them to reveal a healed portrait. Scarring is often seen as negative or ugly, whereas I hope to show the raw beauty of our ability to heal, to conquer, and to overcome. Our scars may mark us, but they do not define our ability to choose. We may take steps forward, despite how much our past wants to hold us back. We all have limitations. We might have to take our time, but there is always tomorrow, and your scars will heal as more days pass by.

Madisen Amelia Lewis is a queer artist driven by passion and her empathetic nature. She graduated with a double B.A. in Art & Psychology at UC Santa Cruz in 2015. She lives in Seattle, WA with her cat, surrounded by piles of books and art supplies. She prefers to live in an irregular fashion--skulking about drinking tea and painting while other people sleep or work. She has recently adapted to working daylight hours. Her profile pictures are always out of date. 

Her work, in general, falls within the new contemporary art movement of pop surrealism. Her surrealist landscape paintings are influenced by wanderlust, dreams, and a lifelong obsession with fantasy worlds. Her abstract paintings draw from the anxieties of life, her attraction to the abyss, and a meditative state during painting.

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